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I am a graduate of Sam Houston State University with a major in Elementary Education and a specialization in English.  I currently live in the Waller community where I have three children that attend schools in the district.  I am married to Scott Pocius who is employed in the maintennance department at Waller ISD and works at Turlington Elementary.  I love to read and have a passion for teaching.  Middle school is what I was meant to teach.  I love my students and have a lifetime relationship with them and their parents.

I believe that every single one of my students are successful learners on the day they walk through my door and that it is my job to bring out the potential in each and every student I teach.  I believe that showing students compassion, support, and structure helps students understand that someone cares about them and I will not give up on them no matter what happens.  In addition, reading is by far the most important skill a student can develop.  It is my job to help students be successful citizens of this great community and country by making sure they learn to read critically before they enter high school.  Building life-long relationships with my students has been the most meaningful part of my job over the years I have been teaching!

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."  ~Henry Brooks Adams

"Teaching is leaving a vestige of one self in the development of another.  And surely the student is a bank where you can deposit your most precious treasures."  ~Eugene P. Bertin
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